SIEM Security Information and Event Management

Intelligent security analytics for insight into your most critical threats.

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Visibility and Compliance

Enterprises are required to comply with a number of regulations and security standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO 2700x and GDPR. Attaining and maintaining compliance with so many different regulations is a resource-intensive and costly undertaking.

Visibility is one of the most relevant and timely topics of the moment. The greater the visibility organisations have into their network infrastructure, the applications that run on it and the users that interact with it, the better they will be at making informed decisions and lowering operational expenditure. Visibility is also a key requirement when fulfilling compliance regulations.

When it comes to security, visibility is vital to both preventing and detecting security breaches. It is crucially important for IT security professionals to have tools and systems in place in order to gather, process, compare and analyse exactly what is taking place so that they can act on this intelligence and protect both your organisation and your customers. However, with new laws governing data protection and the rights of individuals to be forgotten, such as GDPR, you need to be proactive in your approach to how data is collected, protected and purged.

Complexity and siloed security

Over time, enterprises have introduced many security solutions and platforms to respond to different threats. The complexity related to security technologies, tooling, and processes has therefore grown exponentially. Information sharing and collaboration across the organisation becomes difficult and leads to slower response times.

Cyber Attacks sophistication

Hackers have increased the sophistication of their attacks by using a combination of attack vectors and methods. They employ advanced security techniques to get around the various enterprise security layers. Many enterprises have implemented a number of security prevention layers around their assets such as Next Generation Firewalling, IDS/IPS, two-factor authentication, endpoint security and anti-DDoS. These sophisticated attacks require more than one method of prevention security.

Top SIEM solutions

We offer advanced security analytics and insights solutions consisting of advanced next generation log management and SIEM capabilities for enterprises of all sizes.

Log management

Security devices create a huge amount of log data such as syslog-ng that are generated by almost all security and network devices. We offers modern log management solutions that:

  • Help optimise SIEM performance
  • Improve the data feeding to SIEM
  • Enable rapid search and troubleshooting
  • Consolidate log collection to avoid deploying multiple agents on hosts
  • Consume data from any source including Hadoop, Elasticsearch, MongoDB and Kafka
  • Offer secure data archiving and tamper-proof encrypted storage for compliance and court-admissible use.

SIEM Security Information and Event Management

A SIEM can pull data from disparate systems or use a separate log management platform to create single pane of glass visibility. This facilitates efficient cross-team collaboration and continuous real-time monitoring and correlation across the breadth and depth of the enterprise security and network domains. It also allows for continuous compliance reporting.

The key to a successful SIEM deployment is it’s usability and the reports and events that it generates. In short this comes down to correctly defining use cases – that is to say situations or conditions that are considered abnormal or bad. Without these definitions the SIEM will either “over report” on issues that are not relevant or potentially miss serious issues.

We offer managed SIEM solutions for enterprises. Our managed services comprise of two elements, the first is 24x7 alerting and management whether it is hosted centrally or deployed locally. With this service the SIEM itself is constantly monitored and agreed upon use cases will flag alerts that to be passed to the second tier. We also ensure the health of the system.

The second tier of the managed service takes alerts that are generated and performs remediation on based on mutually agreed procedures.

SIEM Benefits

  • Our combined log management and SIEM solutions allow for maximum visibility from one dashboard, advanced threat detection, fast incident response time and continuous compliance
  • The use of separated log management improves SIEM costs and performance
  • Our skilled engineers provide faster implementation and a first time right approach
  • Multi-vendor capabilities from leading SIEM and log management vendors
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