The new Citrix MPX and VPX

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Leiden, 9 September 2009 - NetScaler MPX hardware appliances and the new NetScaler VPX virtual appliances provide a highly integrated web application delivery solution for L4-7 load balancing, compression, caching, SSL offload, application security, SSL VPN and performance monitoring – simplifying web application delivery by offloading servers, improving user experience and consolidating multiple point products into a single appliance. As a result, customers using NetScaler can reduce capital expenditures, ease IT management demands and ensure a more resilient application infrastructure.

NetScaler MPX appliances are capable of processing multiple complex operations on each application workload in parallel, while maintaining multi-gigabit performance and exceptionally low application latencies to ensure the best user experience. Leveraging the ultra-fast packet engine in NetScaler across multiple CPU cores brings unmatched scalability and performance for optimizing a wide range of application delivery services and workloads.

Citrix NetScaler VPX is a new software-based virtual appliance version of its industry-leading NetScaler® MPX hardware appliance product line. In the past, NetScaler has typically targeted large scale, mission-critical web applications via purpose-built equipment that required specialized networking expertise to deploy and manage. With the new NetScaler VPX release, all of this functionality will be available to customers in an easy, flexible, low-cost format that can be downloaded from the web and run on any standard server platform. Virtualizing the NetScaler platform also opens up a wide range of new dynamic, on-demand deployment options, both for enterprise customers as well as cloud service providers.

More information: Citrix Systems

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