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Trellix Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Endpoint threat detection, investigation, and response—modernized.

AI-guided threat investigation

Reduce Alert Noise

Reduce the time to detect and respond to threats. Trellix EDR helps security analysts quickly prioritize threats and minimize potential disruption.

Do More with Existing Resources

Guided investigation automatically asks and answers questions while gathering, summarizing, and visualizing evidence from multiple sources—reducing the need for more SOC resources.

Low-Maintenance Cloud Solution

Cloud-based deployment and analytics enables your skilled security analysts to focus on strategic defense, instead of tool maintenance. Benefit from implementing the right solution for you.

Product Tour

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    The Monitoring workspace presents high-quality, actionable endpoint threat detection without the noise.
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    Automatically identify the key findings without requiring manual evaluation of each individual artifact.
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    Visualization displays relationships and speeds analyst understanding.
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    AI-guided investigations automatically provide answers to typical questions asked during a security incident and highlight the most relevant evidence.
Product features

Trellix EDR

Simplify deployment

Use an existing Trellix ePolicy Orchestrator (Trellix ePO) on-premises management platform or SaaS-based Trellix ePO to reduce infrastructure maintenance.

Focus on incident response

Remove administration overhead, allowing more senior analysts to apply their skills to the threat hunt and accelerate response time.

Gain visibility into emerging threats

Monitor endpoint activity, detect suspicious behavior, make sense of high-value data, and understand context.

AI-guided investigations

Trellix EDR provides machine-generated insights into attacks.

Grow analysts' skills

Guided investigations help security analysts continually learn and fine-tune their skills.

Remove manual processes

Automate and remove the manual tasks to gather and analyze evidence.

"The volume of malware we have to deal with has definitely shrunk since implementing Trellix Endpoint Security. But adding Trellix EDR as well has made an even bigger impact on security posture. When our endpoints do encounter malware, we can now respond many times faster and more effectively than ever before."

- Information Security Architect, Large European Telecom Company

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