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Discover why Cédric, Account Manager at Nomios Belgium, chose to continue his sales career at Nomios.

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Hi Cédric, could you briefly introduce yourself and tell us why you chose to work at Nomios Belgium?

Certainly! I've been working at Nomios as an Account Manager for 3,5 years now. Before that, I worked as an Account Manager in companies more focused on connectivity and telephony. My goal was always to further develop in networking and cybersecurity, as I believe this sector is constantly evolving. Nomios offered the exact challenge I was looking for, and during the interview process, it quickly became clear that it's an organization that suits me well and provides room for personal growth.

What do you mean exactly by 'an organization that suits you well'?

For me, it was important to work in a company where you're not just a number. I wanted an environment where colleagues know each other, where you're appreciated for your qualities, and where you have the opportunity to grow. I was also looking for the freedom to take initiatives and be proactive. The informal atmosphere, transparent mentality, and familial company culture at Nomios really appealed to me.

Can you tell us about your role as an Account Manager at Nomios Belgium?

In my job, I have a very diverse range of tasks. Customers are always the focus: from following up on existing clients, prospecting new opportunities, maintaining contacts with our vendors, distributors, and colleagues from other departments, to attending training sessions for personal development. While closing deals always gives me a boost of energy, for me, the relationship with the customer and their satisfaction with Nomios are just a bit more important.

What is your biggest success story so far?

That would have to be the project at the Sint-Trudo Hospital. I established a long-term client relationship there, starting from the initial contact via LinkedIn. It began with an exploratory conversation, followed by an extensive security assessment, and now we've completed several deals. It's a story I am proud of, because I have built this client from scratch, which obviously requires quite some time, energy and effort.

Perseverance seems crucial in your role. What other skills are important as an Account Manager at Nomios?

In addition to perseverance, it's important to be resilient and approach each day with a lot of excitement. Energy, enthusiasm, and a passion for technology are essential. It's also important to be able to adapt to the needs of different customers and to be a good communicator and listener, asking the right questions at the right time. This allows you to reveal the correct pain points and advise and assist the customer towards the best solution. Finally, I believe it's crucial to be open to feedback and coaching to continue developing yourself.

Can you explain what 'continuing to develop yourself' means at Nomios?

At Nomios, we aim for both commercial and technical development. Commercially, this includes for example coaching and brainstorming sessions with management and sales colleagues. On the technical side, it involves attending training sessions, obtaining certifications, and participating in meetings with partners to continuously improve your expertise.

We are looking for colleagues to join Cédric! Want to know more about working as a sales at Nomios Belgium? Feel free to contact Cédric ([email protected]) or our recruiter, Marieke ([email protected]).


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