A10 Networks livraison des applications et des load balancing

Solution avancée des load balancing haute performance qui permet à vos applications d'être hautement disponibles, accélérées et sécurisées.


A10 Thunder® ADC

Offering a complete application solution, A10 Thunder® ADC (Application Delivery Controller) ensures server availability, protects vulnerable applications and accelerates content delivery. It masters multi-cloud and hybrid cloud deployments with a Polynimbus solution that reduces complexity and cost for IT operations, providing better business outcomes.

Agile application delivery & security

From SMBs and large enterprises to service providers and cloud operators, organisations are managing a large and rapidly growing set of mission-critical applications. A purpose-built solution, A10 Thunder ADC ensures these applications are highly available, accelerated and secure. It helps reduce downtime, ensure business continuity and build highly available applications across global data centres and/or multiple clouds.

Thunder ADC delivers the capacity, scalability, multi-tenancy and programmability to adjust to an everchanging environment. Consolidate point products, reduce network complexity and achieve a substantial reduction in TCO. Thunder ADC delivers L4-7 load balancing and multiple layers of security via web and DNS app firewalls, single sign-on (SSO) authentication and in-depth support for advanced encryption, including high-performance PFS/ECC. Built upon A10’s Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform, Thunder ADC delivers application performance and security for any environment.

Key benefits

Thunder ADC

icon Enhanced application availability
Enhanced application availability
Ensure efficient and reliable application delivery across multiple datacenters and cloud. Minimise network latency and downtime, and enhance the end-user experience.
icon Comprehensive application security
Comprehensive application security
Increase application security with advanced SSL/TLS offload, single sign-on (SSO), DDoS protection and Web Application Firewall (WAF) capabilities.
icon Complete application visibility
Complete application visibility
Integrate with the Harmony™ Controller to gain deep per-application visibility and comprehensive controls for secure application delivery across on-premises datacenters, public, private and hybrid clouds.

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